Top Cavity Causers

Dr.Vitek’s list of top cavity causers

  1. Fruit Snacks and chewy candies
  2. Sipping on sugary beverages throughout the day (includes pop, juice, powerdrinks)
  3. Not brushing or flossing before bedtime
  4. Chips, crackers, granola or any carbohydrates that get stuck in the deep grooves of the back teeth (molars)
  5. Not brushing long enough.  It is important to brush for a full 2 minutes!
  6. Not brushing close enough to the gum line
  7. Not flossing daily


Healthy Options & Helpful Tips

Drink water throughout the day. Milk should only be drank at meal time, but water is the best option

Chew sugar free gum in between brushing, after meals, and snacks. The sugar free gum causes your mouth to produce more saliva and will also help pull any food out of the grooves of the teeth.

Rinsing with water or drinking water after drinking sugary beverages

Drink any sugary drinks (juice or pop) with meals or within a 15 minute time frame. Do not sip on sugary beverages all day.